Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A Tad Plaid

And now for my latest obsession.... PLAID!!!!! I love plaid. It is so versatile. And it can indicate so many things. Plaid can show being preppy, but it can also be goth. It's incredibly quirky. It's modern, but it's been around for ages. Scottish people, of course, are known for their plaid. Have I mentioned that I feel a great kinship with the Scottish people? Here are some examples of plaid as I wear it.
 Please ignore how creepy I look in this picture. This skirt is an Anna Whittemore original! I found this *awesome* fabric, figured out how to make it (no commercial patterns for me, thank you) and voile! A thoroughly lovable skirt.
 My connection to the Scottish. Oh yes. I found this skirt at Goodwill, but it was really long. I shortened it, and now it is much less ridiculous. The pleating is only in the front, but I like that. And yes, I am playing the bagpipes. Luckily, there is no sound, because if there was it would sound like a child, or maybe a cat, crying in pain. Bagpipes? Yeah, not one of my talents.

And now..... My twist on Little Red Riding Hood! I made this cape today, because there is really a shortage of capes in this world. And I adore this plum-colored plaid! It feels really great, too, like super-soft felt. There is a large black button in the front, too, but the lighting on this picture isn't the best. Hey, I don't have a photographer!

Anyway, plaid forever! I love plaid, and all that good stuff. I hope you do, too. Adieu! (hey, a rhyme!)

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