Monday, August 29, 2011

The Latest Paris Fashions

Ah, Paris. Bon Paris. The City of Love. Nobody can deny that when it comes to fashion, Paris is second only to Milan. And only barely. My inspiration for this particular post is that I am attending a Paris-themed party this weekend. We are supposed to dress in the height of 1920s Parisian chic. Naturally, I am more than excited. My plans include the yellow/green dress from the "Finds" post, some brown '20s-looking heels with bows, and a hat, which I haven't decided on. What I really need is a brown cloche hat, but I can't find one.
Anyway, let's talk Paris. In researching it, I found that an astounding number of fashion houses are based there. The ones that really jumped out at me from the list I found on Wikipedia are Balenciaga, Chanel, Dior, Choe,  Givenchy, Hermes, Vuitton, and Yves San Laurent. Paris (and really France in general) has been a big part of fashion since the 17th century, though of course at the time that meant Louis XIV started wearing those awful curled wigs. People thought "ugh" about that style after a bit, and Paris was not relied on for fashion ideas for quite some time. Around 1860, they decided to revive. They decided it was time for a bit of Haute Coture, and Vogue was founded in 1892. Now, naturally people were thinking corsets were a good idea during this time. What doesn't make sense about that-- everyone wants a waist "the width of your hand" (Dior said that, by the way, but much later). Who cares if you can't breathe? People were all about Paris during the Civil War, because everything French was terribly fashionable. Well, it still is.
There was a terrible lull during World War II, because of rationing. Then Dior brought fashion back! And I must say, some of these things look fabulous! Paris will always be the home of fashion-lovers.... if only I could go!!!! Au revoir.
Dior's dress on the cover of Vogue, then corsets, then Louis XIV.

Louis XIV

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