Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I'm back!!! And with my first designer outfit!!!!

Okay, so yes, I do realize that I've taken a bit of a hiatus from posting lately. But I'm back, and that's what counts, isn't it? Well, now I have EVEN BETTER STUFF THAN EVER!!! Because I have an outfit from Betsey Johnson.

It's all thanks to the Tennessee Bar Association. They had a history video contest, and I won it (Click here to view my video) and I get to go to this Tennessee Bar Association luncheon in June. Naturally, I needed something to wear. After a bit of searching, I discovered that Betsey Johnson was having a huge sale! HURRAH!!! I searched excitedly through the racks and came up with lots of possibles. Then I found the jacket for this outfit. I loved it, but thought "There should be a dress to go with it". Lo and behold, a few minutes later I found the dress. Together, they make a little outfit that is both quirky and professional-looking. It's just the thing to wear with black tights and heels (though I intend to wear flats, since I think that any good impression I may gain from wearing a quirky-yet-professional outfit would be lost again when I fall and break my neck).

Oh, and I got some free perfume, too.

The awesometabulous outfit

The wonderful dress, dressed don with a T-shirt

The wonderful jacket, dressed down with jean shorts and a cami

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  1. I like the jacket!