Wednesday, March 9, 2011


In thirteen days, I'm going to New York City! It's the second time in my life, and ever since the last time, I have been DESPARATE for another vist. I am going to see the new Spider-Man musical(here's the website: ), Wicked the Musical ( I plan to do some general sightseeing. Oh, and shopping. I am a HUGE fashion lover, so New York is like *heaven*. Oh, and here's my favorite thing to do in cities: prentend I live there. Seriously! I (and my mom, grandma, and brother, all of whom come on city trip with me) get an apartment on the At Home In New York website ( where you can stay in a real residential New York home! It costs about the same as a cheap-o hotel in New York, but you get your choice of places witha non-touristy feel. I'm staying in a place near Central Park and Lincoln Center. Ohhhhhhhh New York. Could you GET any better? Well, you could move closer to me. Like in the first Martha episode of Doctor Who, where the whole hospital got moved to the moon. Well, I guess that's all.
(P.S. Look for videos of me in New York!!!)

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