Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My fashion staples

Hello! It's a wonderful day, except for the rain. (Is this stuff EVER going to go away???) So, one week from my New York City trip, I am really starting to think about packing to go there. It's time to think about what I really need in my wardrobe. I don't have time today to go through all my clothes and pick out what I don't wear, but I DO have time to go through and pick out what I can't live without! There are a few items that I can build tons of outfits out of-- and for me, of course, they're all quirky and colorful. So, first up:
A light, flippy skirt. These are fun and you can find them anywhere.

A fun skirt with a bold print on it, to indulge your inner child.

Wide-leg pants. They're very in this year, and great even if you don't think you're a wide-leg pants person. I was crazy about skinny jeans, and then I got these pants! They're perfect.

An all-purpose dress. It can be dressed up or dressed down, and it should flatter you. Instant chic.

A fun graphic tee. Just slip it on, and BAM! You have spiced up an ordinary outfit.

An interesting or "statement" sweater. Sweaters don't have to fit into the "sweater stereotype". You can wear them out of the house.

Jeggings. I know I said that I like wide-leg pants now, but I still love jeggings. They are so comfortable, but they are still acceptable as pants, unlike other leggings. I like the corduroy kind. I have three pairs: red, black, and green. They're warm enough that I wear them when it's too cold for tights.

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